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 Vash... Come for the Gunshow. Stay for the Bang.

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PostSubject: Vash... Come for the Gunshow. Stay for the Bang.   Thu Mar 24, 2011 5:52 am

Character Name: Vash Zwingli

Age: 17, uses a fake ID to pass as 19


Role in the Circus: Sideshow performer, general help, helps warm up the crowd while they're in line as he can

Skills or abilities:Extremely talented in sharp-shooting and moving targets with his rifle and knives. Also has a weighted rifle for tossing and dancing with. His specialty is decimating targets that are either impossibly tiny, never using a scope, or ridiculously far away effortlessly. Vash's special tricks include trowing knives at very tiny patterned balloons, shooting targets held by people on horseback, and his best is shooting a lit cigarette from someone's mouth at a distance. The secret behind his skill is the blonde's vision, checking in at 20 08, meaning he can see things from over 30 feet with the clarity most people see them at 10.

Sexuality: Gay, but that's nobody's business but his own.

Personality: Slightly jumpy and a bit of a frosty exterior, Vash is actually a very sweet teen. He has some issues with trust and being touched, and takes a little while to warm up enough to let someone touch him without flinching. He is trying, but generally just keeps himself at a physical and emotional distance from almost everyone. He's generally seen as cold and angry and they leave him alone, and that sort of works for him, but once he decides he is your friend you couldn't ask for anyone more dedicated to you. While he can be easily agitated, Vash will often do whatever he can to help out around the circus, or do things that need doing without anyone asking or seeing him do them.

Background:Growing up alone with his dad, Vash had a fairly quiet childhood. He did well in school and put quite a lot of effort into focusing more on his studies and trying his best to not let his temper get the best of him. For a while, the balance worked well, the house working well as just a large man-cave and Vash doing his best to be everything expected of him and be his father's best bud. The only constant downer was that it usually wasn't enough. The teen was lithe and not so tall, and even into his teens wasn't filling out in the manliest ways. Trying to emphasize what was masculine, Vash has been handling weapons since he was very small, giving much or his free time to drills and target practice and honing his skills.

Hunting, weapons, fighting, survival, repairs, mechanics... Anything that would drill in what it was to be manly and a man. Vash willingly and obediently did whatever was asked of him to try and keep the peace between he and his father. But close as they tried to be, there was a deep separation that they both could sense, only further spurring Mr. Zwingli to try and reconnect with his quiet and irritable son. After a particularly long, loud and draining month of pulling away and fighting, he tried to bridge the gap, wanting to surprise boy with a guy's night out; those plans were instantly dashed as soon as he found where Vash had been sneaking off to... and the boy he was sneaking off with.

Confirming what he saw, the next day he attempted to talk about it with his son while he was in the tool shed, but talking led to shouting, which moved to screaming, then shoving... eventually dissolving into Mr. Zwingli and his son fighting and attacking against each other, the larger man quickly winning. Several bruised ribs, cuts, smaller wounds and three long gashes from hitting sharpened edges. Grabbing his coat, weapons, a few belongings and what cash he had, Vash took his car and sped off. Several tanks of gas and a fake ID later, Vash found the small traveling show and noticed the small sign stating they were taking auditions. Bandaged up as best he could, Vash demonstrated his skills. Impressed, he was hired and given a side show act, sharing the little trailer with Eydis.
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Vash... Come for the Gunshow. Stay for the Bang.
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