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 No one does sexy like Spaniards

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PostSubject: No one does sexy like Spaniards   Sun May 01, 2011 4:02 pm

Character name: Antonio "Call me anything, as long as you call me" Fernandez Carriedo

Age: 25

Sexuality: bi, prefers men


What are you doing at this place? Customer or club employee and if so, what type of job do you have in the club?: Exotic dancer/stripper, though he tends bar sometimes and started as a (not particularly intimidating) bouncer.

Personality: Toni is bubbly and flirtatious, making him a good bartender and a charming stripper. He doesn't even realize he's teasing a lot of the time, but if he's called on it he's generally willing to follow through on such flirtations.

On stage, he can display almost any emotion and isn't a bad actor, though his delivery of lines makes him sound worse at English than he actually is, sometimes. He has low self-esteem and always puts others first, so when the crowd is cheering for him, even if they're mostly cheering for him to take his clothes off, he feels a little bit validated. He'll do quite a lot in the name of friendship, and is generally a poor judge of when he's being used.

Background: Toni has had some trouble in the past with gambling debts, but for the most part he's put those days behind him, and only gambles with smaller amounts now, with the bulk of his check going to an account that's restricted for use on rent, utilities, and groceries, something his sponsor in GA set him up with before he fell off the wagon. Toni still uses the account like he's supposed to because he never wants to end up on the streets again.

He met Francis at uni, before he got involved in gambling, and they got along quite well. When his debts made it impossible to continue at university, Antonio ended up homeless, doing odd jobs when possible.

Toni doesn't have any family who will speak to him, because he used to steal from them to gamble. He has a very rough relationship with religion, so he'll put on a priest's collar on stage with utter shamelessness.
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No one does sexy like Spaniards
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