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 Antonio can mess with your head

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PostSubject: Antonio can mess with your head   Sun May 01, 2011 5:59 pm

Here's what you must post in the Character Database Topic:

Character Name: Antonio "Toni" Fernandez Carriedo

X-Men / Brotherhood Code Name: Feromono - masculine for the Spanish translation of "pheromone"

Age: 22


Mutant Abilities: Antonio controls emotions through the use of pheromones. He's especially good at generating fear, anger, and lust, though he does a good calming smell, too. He is not very good at figuring out what people feel without his "help" - in other words, he doesn't know if he's being hit on or pissing someone off, etc. The pheromones are particularly effective on feral mutants and animals, though ferals generally know when they're getting whammied.

X-Men or Brotherhood: Brotherhood. Magneto rescued him from a life of stealing and prostitution (his parents threw him out when they realized what he was, and caring and affection are too complex for him to generate).

Sexuality: he uses sex as a weapon and doesn't trust anyone to be honest about enjoying it with him. He prefers men, though he'll sleep with women if it's important.

Personality: Though outwardly cheerful, Antonio hides a lot of buried rage and trauma. He has never consciously manipulated someone into being a friend, so friendship is inviolate to him. The situation would have to be utterly dire before he would force even a former friend into sex with him, because he doesn't believe a physical relationship can have the same kind of loyalty or depth of feeling. He does play with other emotions on friends, for practice or training or if he can't deal with whatever they're talking about.

Background: His parents threw him out when Spain started testing schoolchildren for the X-gene and registering them, sending them to special schools run by the government (schools that look a lot like military prisons). At age fourteen he was on the streets changing identities and cities as often as possible to keep on the move and stay out of those schools. With no money and a power that lent itself a little too easily to prostitution, he figured out how to survive fast enough.

Magneto picked him up at sixteen, and was the first to refuse Toni when he put out for lust. He didn't bother with too much rehabilitation, of course, just got used to wearing menthol under his nose. It wasn't perfect but it gave him a little more self-control.

Toni soaked up the martial arts training eagerly. He'd spent too long as a victim even of his own powers and intentions. It was one thing to hype up someone's lust for a distraction or a lure, but he was still a kid when he started whoring - he didn't know how to give a no that anyone would listen to.

He now fights with brass knuckles and reinforced shoes, but he's best with elbow strikes. When outnumbered, he uses fear to make his opponents run - at least long enough for him to escape.
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Antonio can mess with your head
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