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 Kiku's Flowershop, Haru no Hana [OPEN]

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PostSubject: Re: Kiku's Flowershop, Haru no Hana [OPEN]   Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:32 am

Now the room had less people in it.. which was so not cool since it meant no one was paying attention at how heroic awesome he was.... Alfred always did like attention. he pouted as he brought his attention back to the two who were still in the room. So the guy who looked like him was a mutant too from the looks of things. That and the cold aura that seems to come from him was a dead give away. He wanted to ask Mattie more questions but the guy was now leaning against the door to try and listen to what was going on in the other room.

He blinked when the brow dude came up to them and wanted to know if Mattie could hear anything. " Don't your brows act like some kind of listening antenna?" Well if they weren't listening devices then he had no clue what use they were.. unless its to clean stuff.. that would make logical sense as well. He was curious himself to what the other two guys were talking about in the room...he wasn't interested till everyone else was but that was besides the point really.

Alfred pressed himself against the door as well after using his hips to scoot Mattie abit to the side. Trying to hear what was going on.
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Matthew Williams


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PostSubject: Re: Kiku's Flowershop, Haru no Hana [OPEN]   Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:59 am

Matthew didnt notice when he was approached by someone else; he was much too absorbed in trying to hear the conversation going on in the other room and feeling guilty, like some sort of weirdo stalker... when he was discovered, he could swear his heart stopped. The man with the.. rather prominent eyebrows was staring right at him, looking about as awkward as Matthew felt, and a thousand of excuses came into his mind at once, each one worse than the other ('My grandmother's dying wish was to have me eavesdrop at conversations in flowershops', 'Its a mental disorder, I need to listen in on people from different ethnic group', 'Im a door expert and this door is really fabulous, I cant help but rub my body all over it'). "I, uh, door." He managed, his voice quiet and rather strangled (and unnoticed); at the next words, he almost sagged with relief. A fellow eavesdropping stalker...! (Not that Matthew was. Just, well, he behaved like one. Only at this moment. And only because he was acting for the greater good, aka to prevent bloodshed.)

"Just.... just bits and pieces." He more mouthed than said towards the man. The conversation was just starting, they were only exchanging polite greeting so, for now, he couldnt really add much. Then, another voice joined in and Matthew flailed his hands wildly (but silently) praying that the blonde (about his height, maybe a hint shorter) wouldnt give them away. It didnt seem so and Matthew obediently scooted over to give him some space to listen in too, feeling slightly better he wasnt the only one behaving in such a way. Always better to get caught in the group; the shame would be divided.

Unless they use him as a scapegoat.

He scooted obediently when someone nudged his hips (it was the loud blonde, his almost-doppelganger); well, scooted was a big word for his movement, actually he sort of wobbled and flailed, momentarily losing his balance and it was only a grab at Alfred's arm that stopped him from toppling over.

A grab of his bare hand right onto Alfred's bare arm. Cold hands and all.

His eyes widened and he pulled it away, looking away and pretending his hands totally werent as cold as corpse's. Nope. Just, just cold right now, anyone could get cold hands, his just happened to be a tad colder. Thats all. Nothing to see here, move along.

He just hoped Alfred wont notice anything/wont mention anything/will forget all about it. He was already starting his adventure in the big city by eavesdropping on two people he didnt know, he didnt need to freak someone out as well.
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Lovino Vargas


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PostSubject: Re: Kiku's Flowershop, Haru no Hana [OPEN]   Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:31 am

Lovino looked down condescendingly at the seated man before him.
"I mean what I said: I stole your power. That's my ability, to temporarily steal another mutant's powers. It's fucking annoying to say the least, but that's what happened." He said, starting to pace in the small room. Usually he wouldn't be so blunt about his powers, but he felt like this guy really needed to know what the hell happened to him and his ability.

Usually when Lovino (accidentally) stole a mutant's ability, they would be a bit dizzy for some time, but then be fine after that, though they feel like something is missing. For this guy (Kiku, was it?) it was evident that the effects had taken a large toll on him, and Lovino felt a bit sorry for him; not only was his ability out of control, he didn't know what the hell was going on.

Judging on how he interacted with Lovino, the Italian guessed that he wasn't some guy who was sent to find him and drag him off to who knows where. But he wasn't very sure of that either. This Kiku was very good at hiding his emotions, who knew what he was hiding behind that black face.

Lovino instantly regretted telling the man his last name, and he tensed under his outward cold demeanor. At least he could properly focus on running away whenever he had to, with all of those voices which were whispering in his head a few minutes ago nearly gone.

((HOW. MANY. TIMES. ARE MY POSTS GOING TO BE SO SHORT?! D: I swear, RP-ing on Coloholics is making my posts shorter and shorter. I seriously need to stop RP-ing there and RP here instead :I ))
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Kiku Honda


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PostSubject: Re: Kiku's Flowershop, Haru no Hana [OPEN]   Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:10 am

Kiku felt the room shifting a little beneath his feet, a side effect most likely from the brunette's (Lovino's) ability. Taking a shaky breath, he pulled out the chair from beneath the table and sank into it, still giving Lovino the same smile. The expression now held more apology than confusion, though he highly doubted that Lovino was going to care whether he sat or stood to speak to him. The chair beneath him gave him some semblance of stability, the room becoming a little less tilted as he continued to regard his guest. He dared not reach for his tea, partially to not appear rude (he had already showed his guests enough rudeness for one day) and partially out of fear that he would not be able to hold the cup steady.

He continued to follow Lovino as the brunette began to pace the room, the motions bringing order to his own chaotic thoughts. He could not deny what had happened, and it did not appear as though Lovino was associated with any of the organizations that existed in the city. If he had been, he would not have revealed himself so easily. Still, he would need to be cautious with how much or how little he told Lovino, lest he eventually decide to join. The brunette already knew far more about him than he was comfortable sharing, but he had also made it clear that his intentions were only to inform Kiku of what had transpired between them.

He did his best to ignore the condescending way Lovino was looking at him, along with the brunette's language. Kiku, when not in the presence of others, would occasionally talk aloud to his plants. Some of the flowers were perceptive enough to have picked up the rather foul words, and though he didn't encourage them he also knew they could not be helped. They were located in a city, and it wasn't like the customers could hear their arrangements talking about 'the shit his wife says when he's not there' or the 'asshole that tried to take his money'. Only he (and temporarily Lovino, though it was unlikely the flowers would say such things to him) heard their words, or rather, felt their distress, though like them he was powerless to do more than arrange flowers and observe from afar. He tried to explain to the plants that they could not interfere, just as he could not entirely alter their natures when putting them into their colorful arrangements. The plants seemed to a least enough never to do anything more than brighten themselves a little more, hoping to cheer up the women or men that bought them.

He pushed his thoughts aside, reaching for his tea. His hands had stopped trembling so much, and the dizziness had retreated enough to give him the confidence to sip the calming liquid. His motions were slow and deliberate, giving him time to calculate his answers to Lovino. Obviously, any further denial of his powers would result in suspicion cast on him, though of what kind he was not entirely certain. And if he pried too much, he might lose the brunette and have no chance of his questions being answered. He would need to attend to his other guests soon, though the risk of reentering the shop without his full powers loomed in the back of his mind. He was intelligent enough to help his guests pick out a beautiful arrangement, but it would not have the same touch as it would with his powers fully resting with him.

"I see." He finally said at length, setting the teacup down on the table. Lovino's explanation had been perfectly clear, and the entire event had occurred by accident. Other than being a little shaken, Kiku knew the effects of the power stealing were not permanent. Small snippets of the flowers' speech were coming through again, though he did his best to ignore them. Instead, he stood, taking his time in case any residual dizziness remained. He gave the brunette a small smile, trying to put him more at ease. It had been an accident, after all, and it wasn't as though he would reveal Lovino's secret to anyone. "Thank you for telling me, Lovino-san." He carefully used his first name alone, in the slim case that they were being listened to. The shop had been quiet, though his inability to communicate with his plants could have meant he had simply missed them alerting him to the customers' needs.

"The effects do not seem to be permanent ones, and so I am not worried. I do appreciate you telling me though, as it has put my own mind at ease. If there is nothing else that I should know for the immediate future, then perhaps it would be best if we returned to the others. I am unsure as to whether they are still present, but we would not want to keep them waiting." The unspoken tone, the 'we will arouse more suspicion by staying away' hovered in the air between them, along with Kiku's own nervousness. He had no idea what would happen once he stepped back into his shop, but to keep his guests waiting for him any longer made him shift guiltily where he stood. He kept the small smile in place, trying to silently communicate and to reassure Lovino that he had no intention of speaking about their exchange to anyone.

"I would be happy to assist you if there is something else, Lovino-san." He invited, the double meaning apparent to both of them in the room. 'Stay if you have more to say', he bowed, affirming the unspoken words, 'I will remain here for as long as it takes, but will say nothing once we leave this room.'

((No worries Lovino! I just love reading your posts...I love reading all of the posts here! *gushes and then goes back to writing like crazy to keep up with everyone*

Also, single quotes 'here' are not Kiku speaking, but rather what he is communicating silently to the other person. I clarified because in some places, using single quotes indicates 'speech'. Here, I used "double quotes" for any spoken aloud words.))
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Arthur Kirkland


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PostSubject: Re: Kiku's Flowershop, Haru no Hana [OPEN]   Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:37 am

Art didn't hesitate to step forward next to the quiet man, assuming he was speaking so low only to avoid being heard by the men on the other side of the door, and pressed his ear to its wooden surface. His cheek had barely touched the door before he was jostled out of the way by the loudmouthed young man from before, a frown already turning down the corners of Art's mouth. He'd opened his mouth to retort against the comment on his eyebrows (they weren't really that bad, were they?) when the quiet one waved his hand for them both to be quiet. He again concentrated on the voices coming from the other side of the door, their muffled words widening his eyes. So they were both mutants as well? Fascinating.... As a rule, Arthur tended to stay away from other mutants, particularly those with troublesome powers like the Italian-accented brunette seemed to have. Stealing powers.... It was interesting, to say the least, and Art made a mental note to hit the library later to reread their slim selection of books on human mutation.

Britt really wasn't certain why Booksy'd had him split off; almost immediately after Art had gone to see what the ruckus was about, the tall, raucous blond Britt was meant to be distracting managed to slip away in the very same direction. So much for distraction, it seemed. Sighing, the man moved toward the exit, figuring he'd merge with Arthur later; it wouldn't do for him to be seen with Art now. Even if he said he was the boy's uncle or elder brother, as they often claimed, there was too much of a resemblance for them to avoid suspicion. The situation was strange enough as it was.
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PostSubject: Re: Kiku's Flowershop, Haru no Hana [OPEN]   

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Kiku's Flowershop, Haru no Hana [OPEN]
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