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 Assignments Suck! [Yong Soo]

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William Anderson


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PostSubject: Assignments Suck! [Yong Soo]   Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:47 am

William entered the academy library, and headed straight for the non-fiction section. He had an assignment he didn't really want to do for science class which was on photosynthesis. Why he needed to learn how plants get energy he'd never know. It wasn't like he was here to become a botanist.

He also had an extra thing to research for himself afterwards: trying to find a way to control his powers better so he could touch people without fear that he'd transform them. He kind of envied the people who could touch other people without worrying about activating their powers through physical contact, and even more so in summer when it was hot as and he still had to cover up.

He looked for the books he'd need for the assignment first, and luckily no one else had claimed any of the reference books yet so he didn't have to wait around for someone else to be finished with them. He quickly collected the books he needed, and then found himself a table to sit at to work on it.

He yanked off his gloves and looked around for a few moments before getting started to see if any of his classmates were around and also needed the same books. He had no problem sharing the books with anyone else who needed them since he couldn't read six books all at the same time. After looking around for a few moments and seeing no one he settled down and switched on his iPod before he began skim reading through the books for the information he needed. He was hoping to get the assignment over with fast so he could put these books back, go get the ones he really wanted and get out of here. Soon he was completely focused on the music he was listening to and completing the task at hand as quickly as possible, and wasn't paying attention to anything else happening in the library.
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Assignments Suck! [Yong Soo]
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