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 A Sunny Afternoon [OPEN]

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William Anderson


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PostSubject: A Sunny Afternoon [OPEN]   Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:50 am

William walked out of the school building when his classes were over, and sat on one of the benches in the courtyard behind the school. He put his backpack down on the ground next to his feet. He could see some of the other mutants playing games on the field behind the school, but he was perfectly happy to sit and watch for the time being. He was even more glad he wasn't playing when some of them started using their powers during the game. Some of the other students had more flashy or destructive powers than him, and they would probably be the ones chosen to be Junior X-Men someday. William doubted that his powers would be any more useful than being a strange distraction, and worse still he had to be in physical contact with other people to use them!

But never mind. He went to pull a book out of his bag when he noticed a ball coming his way. He caught it, and one student called out to him. "Can you throw it back?" "Yep!" William said, and threw the ball in that student's direction before getting his book out of his bag. It was a murder mystery he'd bought the last time he went to the city and he was really looking forward to reading it, but he put it away again and decided to enjoy the afternoon sun instead.
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A Sunny Afternoon [OPEN]
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