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 Toris Lorinaitis (Noodles the Clown)

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PostSubject: Toris Lorinaitis (Noodles the Clown)   Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:48 pm

Character Name: Toris Lorinaitis Aka "Noodles"

Age: 19


Bard Costume
Though he tries to wear traditional mime or jester's costume, they like dressing him up in medieval inspired clothing. He's not often in something too colorful because of his roll. He is also normally wearing a wig or hat to hide his hair. He also tends to be the jiggliest person out of all of the clowns and very much dislikes wearing clown noses.
He is very rarely seen without his make up on.

Role in the Circus: Mime or sad clown, Bard not during shows.

Skills or abilities: basic tricks; mimery, basic magics, Riding uni cycle, getting into small car with other clowns, some tight rope skills, some lion taming skills. He is also very musical and can play just about any instrument given to him.

Sexuality: (appears to be) Gay

Personality: He is a completely different person when he is in front of the spot lights then when he is not. As his roll of the sad clown he doesn't end up talking much, but is picked on on the stage by the other clowns. He also ends up having a lot of one man acts which doesn't bother him at all.
Off stage he tends be initiative about doing things, but relaxed. He spends a lot of time playing his harp outside Feliks' tent. He is rather native about things, but has a good heart. He obviously has feelings for Feliks, but doesn't express them outwardly normally.

Background: His back ground is nothing special. He was born to loving parents in a small town somewhat secluded away from the rest of the world. One day, when he was 12, the circus came to town but he was not allowed to go. He wanted to see it more then he had wanted anything in his life up to that point. So one night he ran away, and never came back. He doesn't have much memory from before he joined the circus because a few months after he joined he fell off the tight rope during training his hit is head hard.
There's a rumor that one day his parents are going to recognize him from the crowd and take him away . The other clowns tease him about it but it hasn't happened yet.
There's also rumor that he is the most popular clown out of all of the clowns and is picked on because of this fact.
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Toris Lorinaitis (Noodles the Clown)
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